How to use eBay for a free loan?

How to use eBay for a free loan?

This article is a little off topic and barely related to sports betting, but I would like to go over a technique many can use in order to get some free temporary cash. This is a trick I have used multiple times in the past and can be a great way to make it to pay-day with an interest free loan. Interest free loans are pretty much non-existent when approaching an actual loan company. There is always a catch. You will never find a company, or even a person willing to lend you some money while expecting nothing in return. Even friends or family will always expect some form of help in future for their gesture.

I must have been around 17 while studying in college at the time, I was constantly short of money. Doing marketing work along side of my course I was barely able to put in the hours I am today, therefore only earning a minimum wage. Times would come when my phone bill needed to be paid or I would need money to go out and it just wasn't there. I was quite independent at a young age and therefore refused to ask someone to lend me some money and as I wasn't 18, I couldn't have legally used a credit card (which was a bonus as credit lending is a never ending circle and is a terrible thing to get involved in - personal opinion). But people will do almost anything to make it until payday, even if it means paying 1000%+ APR.

So, thinking of ways I could get some temporary cash to last me another week or so I worked out a nice trick when selling on eBay. eBay is a brilliant site for selling, though be careful as they are very focused on their buyers rather than sellers. If a buyer puts in a request against you, it will almost always fall in their favour. This isn't a problem in this scenario though, as with a loan you will repay the money regardless.

Here's how it works: You list an item on eBay that you never end up selling. Let's say an iPhone, I always found these to sell the quickest. Add a listing on eBay of the previous model Apple iPhone for the lowest price. If the average asking price is £600, list yours for £550. It will usually sell within 24 hours. When creating your listing, add to the description that you won't be able to ship the item until a certain date (this date will of course be payday for you). The story I would always choose is the "I won't be able to ship the phone for 7 days as that is when my new one arrives".

Now your listing is live and the buyer is fully aware that you won't be able to ship the 'phone' until 7 days after it was posted. This way the buyer is almost certain to pay the money and not open a request until at least after the 7 days have passed. Once the phone has sold, the buyer will pay and your money is there in PayPal. Just like that you have gained a nice £550 to last you until payday. The next step is fairly simple, don't spend like an idiot because you will be repaying this money once you hit payday.

When payday arrives, simply message your buyer and let them know that the phone is no longer available. After all, who cares if they get annoyed with you from this point onwards. You've had your use out of their cash and now intend to refund it in full with your own money. As the item technically didn't sell, eBay and PayPal will not charge you any fees for this process.

And that is how you get free short term credit. This trick will work with any item, but I've tested it many times and found that iPhones always work best for 2 reasons: 1. They sell crazy fast and 2. If you asked someone for £500, you'd get told to do one. But to the buyer, £500 for an iPhone is a no brainer and they will cough up right away. Eventually, you might get closed down by eBay, though my account never did get closed and I did this several times. As long as you refund the buyer by your own choice at the end of the period, it should be a simple process.

Create an eBay account

Add a listing

Sell your listing

Receive payment = cash in the bank

Refund buyer once you hit payday

Result = Free loan

Will Edwards

Website Admin
6th Feb 2020