Which betting site is the best?

Joining a new betting site and knowing a trustworthy name can be a tricky situation, especially if you’re new to betting online. There are many, many new betting sites to choose from these days when looking to bet on sports. The UK market is growing, with betting sites popping up and shutting down on an annual basis.

Our team have carried out some extensive research over the past 3 years since our presence in the online betting market. In this article, we aim to share as much information as possible in order to help you in finding the best site for sports betting.

Over the years, we’ve noticed that there are 3 main betting sites who seem to get the most attention when a newbie is looking for the right site. No matter how many times we’ve moved things around, newbies always seem to go for 3 names in-particular. In terms of quantity, the nations favourite from our own first-hand experience is always Betfred. The second on the leaderboard is William Hill followed by Ladbrokes. The first thing that springs to mind when naming these 3 brands is the commonalities. All 3 of these brands are high street bookies as well as online betting providers, therefore believed to be more trustworthy and established to a newbie in online betting.

As these betting sites are the most popular from our own first-hand research, it’s not to say that they are the best in every area. All of these brands offer regular special offers and enhancements, but for new customers their offers are rather standard and have barely changed over the years. In fact, it was only recently that William Hill updated their sign-up offer from Bet £10 Get 3 x £10 Free Bets to Bet £10 Get 2 x £15 Free Bets. Though your bets will be worth £5 extra per selection, 3 separate bets would usually be the preference. Betfred’s welcome offer is pretty similar in terms of value, with another Bet £10 Get £10 in Free Bets for their new sports customers. However, with Betfred you actually get £30 to spend freely on whichever sports betting selection you like. Again though, this offer from Betfred hasn’t had any sort of update in many years.

Ladbrokes’ free bet for sports is one with a low deposit requirement, which is always a good thing when you’re new to betting or just looking for a free bet. Ladbrokes changed their sign-up offer within the past 12 months to the Bet £5 Get £20 in Free Bets, while at the same time updating Coral to the same. For those who are unaware, Coral and Ladbrokes merged in 2016 and are now part of the same parent group as of December 2017 following a takeover from GVC (owners of bwin and party poker). In terms of deciding between Ladbrokes and Coral, there really isn’t a lot of difference other than whether you prefer blue or red. Therefore, we would recommend joining both sites and claiming yourself 2 lots of £20 free bets for just £5 each.

Onto our analysis in ranking the best betting site for sports, the information above was provided as a piece of interest. As we can see the betting newbies tend to go for the bigger names that they know of, to state the obvious a newbie wouldn’t have the broadest of experience in online betting. With the providence of this fact, we cannot deem the best betting site based on what the punters are using the most.

There are a huge range of things to look at when joining a new betting site. The number 1 rule is making sure that they are Gambling Commission registered. Many sites that are not allowed to operate in the UK may accept your application and your deposit, before then declining you the right the withdraw your funds. This is a common problem due to different rules and regulations outlined by overseas regulators. We will never list a sports betting site that is not licensed in the UK.

Now, onto the layout of the betting site and the offers they provide. Not to mention their prices on betting selections. After all, this is what really counts when betting on sports. You need a website that is nice to navigate on any device you might use, as well as providing an outstanding service for your funds. You might try some sites and deem their main focus unfit for your bets, as some betting websites such as RaceBets focus purely on Horse Racing.

When entering a new betting site, take note on their layout. The internet is a rather big place these days so it is pretty easy to identify something you can brand as trustworthy and valuable. If a betting site is using a low quality layout that you’ve seen many times over and over, the likeliness is that it didn’t take much to get them there. Therefore, watch out for sites like this when placing your bets. We wouldn’t recommend these kind of betting sites. Another thing to take note of is their sponsorships. How did you find them? If they are sponsoring a rather large sports team, event or television channel, we can work out that they must be pretty reputable.

Anyway, with all these pointers aside we hope you will be able to find the right betting site for you. Our current recommendations after outlining the above would be either MoPlay or Sky Bet. MoPlay launched their site in 2018 and have invested a ton of money to get the where they are so quickly. As for Sky, it speaks for itself. Sky Bet is just a great betting site, with a great range of other betting services such as Sky Casino, Sky Vegas and Sky Bingo.

All punters provide different tastes with online betting, but in general our 2 favourites should easily take care of your sports betting needs. You can head over to either one right away to claim their free bets and benefit from a range of regular sports enhancements and other exclusive offerings.

Will Edwards

Website Admin
30th Dec 2019